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Automatic Voltage Regulator

  1. 1000VA Automatic Voltage Regulator

    Automatic Voltage Regulator is designed with the latest technology to give excellent protection to various medical, domestic, and commercial electronic appliances from voltage fluctuations and damage caused due to it. This regulator monitors and regulates the voltage automatically without any manual adjustment or interference, making it time-saving and cost effective in nature. It ensures less heating of the device as well as enhances its life and isolates it from potentially hazardous voltages that can permanently damage the device. This voltage regulator comes in various voltage ranges to suit a wide range of desire applications.
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  2. Voltage Converter

    Voltage Converter is a device that is designed for changing the voltage of an electrical power source. It can also be used in combination with other components to create a power supply. This electric power converter is necessary for electronic devices as it helps in converting the power up or down to the correct level for safe operation of the device without any damage due to voltage fluctuations. It is available in two variants- step up converter to allow the user to step-up from 100 to 220 volts and step down converter to step down the voltage from 220 volts, 230 volts, or 240 volts to 110 volts.
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  3. Variable Voltage Regulator

    Variable Voltage Regulator is a positive regulator with three terminals of variable adjustable output voltage. This regulator is installed for providing a local regulation, thermal shut-down control, internal current limiting, and safe area protection for a wide range of electronic devices. It is easy to install and requires two external resistors only to set the output voltage. This voltage regulator is capable of supplying different DC voltage outputs apart from the fixed voltage power supply of +5 or +12 volts.
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  4. Automatic AC Voltage Regulator

    Automatic AC Voltage Regulator is a device that controls the voltage automatically and without the requirement of any manual adjustment. It works by taking a fluctuating voltage level and then turning it into a constant voltage level. This AC voltage regulator is widely used in standby power systems or power stations to stabilize their voltages automatically as the load on the generators changes. It is helpful in stabilizing the system during sudden load loss or overloading, preventing the device from damage.
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  5. Single Phase Voltage Regulator

    Single Phase Voltage Regulator is a reliable and tested economic solution to the inconveniences caused by voltage fluctuation. It is widely used in CNC machine, motor lab equipment, home appliances& instruments, electrical equipment, or medical equipment to prevent them from damage caused due to fluctuation caused by de-stabilized AC voltage. This regulator can also be applied in a variety of ways, including grounded-wye, open-wye, closed-delta, and open-delta on three-phase systems. It is easy to maintain and install as well as has the capability to compensate wide mains voltage variations.
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  6. Constant Voltage Regulators

    Constant Voltage Regulators are designed for constant regulation of voltage inputs that provides the high isolation and inherent short-circuit protection to the devices. These regulators work by using a tank circuit that is composed of a high-voltage resonant winding and a capacitor for producing a nearly constant average output with a varying input. The approach of these constant regulators are attractive due to lack of their active components as well as their relying on the square loop saturation characteristics of the tank circuit for absorbing variations in average input voltage.
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